Made-to-Order&Joint Research


We can design and manufacture made-to-order dehydrators and peripheral labor-saving equipment (used before or after dehydration process) meeting customer’s needs.

We sincerely listen to customer’s requirements (e.g. subject material, throughput, dehydration time, operation process, work environment, etc.) then propose a fully made-to-order dehydrator and peripheral labor-saving equipment that meet customer’s budget, lead time, installation space, etc.

Many made-to-order dehydrators and peripheral labor-saving equipment have been delivered to our customers in various business fields.

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Flow for Delivery of Made-to-Order Dehydrator and Peripheral Labor-Saving Equipment


Made-to-Order Dehydrators (examples) Subject Materials/Customers (examples)
・Belt conveyor type dehydrator

・Drum type dehydrator

・Rotary kiln type dehydrator

・Dehydrator with cool air/cooling functions

・Dehydrator with humidification/dehumidification functions

・High temperature (over 100℃) dehydrator

・Large throughput (over 1t) dehydrator

・Side blow type dehydrator

・Dehydrator with pausing function (pausing: deactivating forced dehydration temporally)

・Dehydrator with UV irradiation function

・Dehydrator with weight/temperature records output functions

・Flat hype dehydrator

・Japanese traditional hand-made paper dehydrator

・Clothing dehydrator

・Box type (batch type) dehydrator

・Large-scale production food manufacturers, etc.

・Edible wild plants

・Unconsumed food, etc.

・Fishery products

・Fishery products, livestock products, fruits, etc.

・Fishery products, livestock products, etc.

・Food manufacturers of large-scale production, JA, etc.

・Pasty raw materials, etc.

・Fishery products, fruits, etc.

・Fishery products

・Public research institutes, universities, food

manufacturer’s research institutes, etc.

・Medicinal plants, straws, fishery products, root vegetables, etc.

・Japanese traditional hand-made paper, Japanese traditional hand-made paper production associations, tourism related organizations, etc.

・Golf courses, construction industry, etc.

・Flowers, potato, persimmon, etc.


Made-to-Order Peripheral Labor-Saving Equipment (examples) Subject Materials/Customers (examples)
・Hot water scrubber for medicinal plants (raw materials for herbal medicine)

・Large shiitake mushroom sorter

・Green onion washer

・Chestnut astringent skin peeler

・Automatic garlic stalk cutter + sorter

・Medicinal plants, medical plant production associations

・Shiitake mushroom, Shiitake Agricultural Cooperatives

・Green onion, farmers

・Chestnut, public research institutes

・Garlic, JA, farmers


Types/Functions of Made-to-Order Dehydrators (examples)
Type Automatic Transfer: belt conveyor
Belt conveyor type dehydrator
Rotation: drum, rotary kiln

Drum type dehydrator

Rotary kiln type dehydrator

Flat type: flat type is transformed to flat & air circulation type

Flat type dehydrator

Flat & air circulation type dehydrator

Pasting: Japanese traditional hand-made paper dehydrator

Japanese traditional mand-made paper dehydrator

Spatial design: a vinyl greenhouse or a room/shed is transformed to a dehydrator (combination of a warm air blower and a blowing equipment)

Garlic dehydration system (a vinyl greenhouse is transformed to a dehydrator)

Tobacco leaf (Burley) dehydration system (a shed is transformed to a dehydrator)


Box type: changing size/air flow direction, designing dolly and hanging device

Side blow type dehydratorDolly type sweet potato dehydrator

Dolly type sweet potato dehydrator (inside)

Made-to-order hanging device for dehydrating flowers

Function Temperature & humidity: cooling, high temperature, humidification, dehumidification, pausing

Sensor: polymer sensor, adding measuring instrument

Data: weight measurement, data recording and data output

Hygiene management: UV irradiation, filter change, installing a blower externally, steel material change

Blower: side blow, adjusting air flow rate/air flow speed

Pressure: explosion proof

Heat source: steam, natural gas, electric heater

Electric dehydrator with high temperature humidification function

Weight measurement function

Air-inlet filter

Externally installed blower (for coping with high temperature and hygiene)


Made-to-Order Peripheral Labor-Saving Equipment (examples)
Medicinal plant (raw material for herbal medicine) scrubber using hot water
Large shiitake mushroom sorter
Green onion washer
Chestnut astringent skin peeler
Automatic garlic stalk cutter + sorter