Dehydration Service for Experiment

Dehydration Service for Experiment

Free Test Dehydration

We offer free test dehydration service.
We look forward to receiving your applications.
We welcome your visit for witnessing your test dehydration (For your convenience, we will provide you with a round-trip ride between our company and Shin-Yamaguchi-Station or Yamaguchi Ube Airport).

Advantages of Free Test Dehydration

Performing a test dehydration has the following advantages:
・ You will be able to verify the finished condition of the dehydrated material.
・ You will be able to estimate the temperature and the time required.
・ It will leads to good selection of an appropriate dehydrator.

Application Flow for Free Test Dehydration

Terms and Conditions for Free Test Dehydration

The following terms and conditions must be agreed by you:

  1. This free test dehydration is limited to 1 to 5 kg (weight before dehydration) per item, one item and one time per applicant (or company).
    Any additional test dehydration will be charged based on separate discussion between you and us.
  2. We request you to bear all the transportation charges.
    After completing the test dehydration, we will send the dehydrated material back to you together with a simple report by cash on delivery.
  3. Please make sure that after contacting with our staff, you will send the test material to us.
    Without such prior arrangement, this free test dehydration may not be possible.
  4. In some cases, part of or whole test material may be discarded at our own discretion.
  5. If additional costs incurred by us due to storage of test material, inspection request, etc., we request you to bear such additional costs.
  6. Some materials may not be acceptable due to their natures.
  7. We are not responsible for hygiene or allergies regarding the material after the test dehydration.
    The same types of dehydrators used for this free test dehydration are used to dehydrate various kinds of items containing allergens.
  8. We do not warrant that this free test dehydration service will produce your desire for the finish of test material, and we do not compensate for any your expenses, such as the cost for raw material used for this free test dehydration service.
Name prerequisite
Company Name prerequisite
Company Address prerequisite
TEL prerequisite
Email address prerequisite
Email address(for confirmation) prerequisite
Test material prerequisitePlease fill in the name of the test material you request to dehydrate.
Weight prerequisite
Please fill in the weight of the test material you request to dehydrate (1kg to 5kg)
Please advise us on your desire for the finish of test material and/or on another request if any.

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