Business Continuity Strengthening Plan

Based on “Yamaguchi Prefecture Tsunami Inundation Damage Hazard Map,” KIHARA WORKS Co., Ltd. has formulated its “Business Continuity Strengthening Plan.” The plan assumes that an earthquake with an intensity of lower 6 on the Japanese scale or natural disaster occurred in Yamaguchi City, where our major business functions are located, and it aims at three points written below. The plan has been certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

1) Protecting human life is a top priority

2) Aiming at early recovery to fulfill our supply responsibilities and protect our customers’ trust

3) Protecting the employment of our employees and supporting the vitality of the community

[What is the “Business Continuity Strengthening Plan” certification system?]

This is a system in which the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry certifies planned advance measures for disaster prevention and mitigation formulated by small and medium-sized enterprises. Items to be described in the plan are as follows:

1) Natural disaster risk confirmation method by using hazard maps

2) Initial response procedures in the event of a disaster, including safety confirmation and evacuation procedures

3) Staffing, protecting buildings and facilities, cash flow measures, and specific precautionary measures for information protection

4) Efforts to ensure the viability of the plan, such as conducting training and reviewing the plans