CSR Activities

At KIHARA WORKS Co., Ltd., we strive to conduct activities aiming at contribution to the development of all of our stakeholders: our customers, our local communities, our business partners, our shareholders and our employees. The Activities are not just to pursue our corporate profits.
We keep in mind that by working on CSR as our company’s voluntary activities, we continue to use our efforts to maintain the company’s eternity and achieve sustainable growth together with the local communities.

We commit that we always engage in corporate activities with CSR-conscious business operations in mind. The business operations are: complying with laws-and-regulations required to satisfy corporate responsibilities as a business entity; securing proper profit; considering environment issues in society; guaranteeing product quality for our customers; maintaining the employment for the regional development; guaranteeing human rights; and creating mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners.

We have been conducting activities to fulfill our CSR. Here are some our awarded registrations and selections, etc., which demonstrate: the achievements made by the activities and expectations from the activities.